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ACS provide a range of preventive maintenance works to the air-con system for both Residential and Commercial sectors.
Clean fresh air is important for healthy living and air-con system is recommended to be serviced regularly by qualified competent technicians.
General servicing include the cleaning of indoor fan coil and outdoor condensing units, cleaning of the condensate system and checking the entire system operational conditions. This is important to keep the system performing in its best conditions.
Chemical overhaul will be required if the air-con system is working for years without proper maintenance to restore the efficiency. It include the dismantling of indoor fan coil unit and thoroughly chemical clean the evaporator coil; water wash the condenser coil, re-instate complete with system re-vacuum and new refrigerant re-charge to operational conditions and re-testing and commissioning.
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This is the best way to maintain the entire air-conditioning system in optimum operational conditions as prevention is always better than cure.
Key benefits will be: -
  1. Fresher air to breathe in
  2. Savings in Energy and maintenance costs
  3. Pro-long the life span of equipment
  4. Early detection of abnormal function
  5. Prevent major repairs / breakdowns
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